“Black Being” Talk with Flutronix and Jaki Shelton Green

Chicago, IL

The Arts Club Chicago

6:00 PM

Flutronix and poet Jaki Shelton Green discuss our collaborative project, "Black Being."

About “Black Being”

In light of recent shifts in the cultural, political and social landscapes of America, Flutronix has begun to reshape their creative efforts with deeper research and social consciousness in mind. Their current project-in-development, Black Being, explores the African-American female experience in particular, through themes of fear, sacrifice, beauty, survival and strength. The group has created an immersive evening-length performance that provides a lens into black cultural realities and human conditions and is done so in collaboration with North Carolina poet laureate, Jaki Shelton Green. Black Being will premiere in the fall of 2021 at The Arts Club Chicago.

Venue Details

The Arts Club Chicago 201 E. Ontario St.
Chicago, IL 60611