Diametrically Composed

Diametrically Composed Allison Loggins-HullDiametrically Composed is a collection of newly commissioned works featuring flute, voice and piano exploring the duality of being a mother and an artist.

Immediately after childbirth, it becomes clear that motherhood is multifaceted and life-changing. This new reality brings the joy of experiencing a newly created being and a powerful impact on creativity. Being an artist-mother is fulfilling, rewarding, and unpredictable – full of love, beauty, and constant learning. Caring for and cultivating the development of someone else’s life is a privilege and artistically inspiring. While our children inform our art, our art informs our children and the steady current of energy generated from the two creates a distinct and flourished experience.

While Diametrically Composed revels in the exuberance of being a mother and an artist, the work also confronts the notion that motherhood and professional life can be limiting factors in their interaction, in ways that fatherhood and professional life are not necessarily. The work aims to artistically probe and unpack this double standard.

The artists of Diametrically Composed are mothers and renown in their field. Conceived and produced by flutist/composer Allison Loggins-Hull, the collaborative artists are composers Paola Prestini,  Sarah Kirkland Snider, Jessica Meyer, multi-dimensional mezzo-soprano and composer Alicia Hall Moran,  and pianist Gabriela Martinez. Their contributions reflect personal experiences, exploring diverse themes related to being a mother and an artist. Diametrically Composed reaches beyond the typical recital format, providing an immersive performance experience incorporating narratives from the women involved in the project.

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