Flutronix Artist Residency

Bentonville, AR, USA

The Momentary

Artist residency at The Momentary, a new performance venue at The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

About the Spring 2019 Artists-in-Residence
The Momentary announces the spring Artist-in-Residence line-up which includes four multi-disciplined artists from around the country as part of the 2019 program: Ebony G. Patterson, visual artist; Will Rawls, choreographer, performer, writer; and Flutronix (Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull), flutists and musical artists.

“We are so excited to host these talented, diverse, contemporary artists this spring and help them pursue their projects,” continued Haynes. “Bringing these and similar artists to Bentonville fosters a collegial environment where locals and artists can learn from each other and focus on larger projects and themes.”

The AIR program supports national and international artists working in all disciplines for six weeks up to six months. Artists are provided a dedicated work space and invited to pursue artistic projects in the fields of their choice. In addition, artists may participate in programs, talks, community activities, as well as collaborations with other artists.

AIR program artists are selected by invitation, similar to how artists are identified for Crystal Bridges’ exhibitions. Haynes and her team look specifically at three attributes: the artists ability to think critically about topics that are important to the study of American art, the connection to art, nature, and architecture, and the relationship with the Momentary’s mission to connect today’s contemporary art to our everyday lives.

Each artist will arrive to Northwest Arkansas at different times and explore projects that expand on their work. Some artists are developing projects specific to the region.

Venue Details

The Momentary Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
600 Museum Way

Bentonville, AR 72712