Fragility and Resistance


8:00 PM

New Gallery Concert Series presents "Homeland"

New Music. New Art. Come Celebrate the Now…virtually!
Join us for a night of vigor within vulnerability, determination within the unknown.
Included with your ticket purchase, you will have the opportunity to attend a virtual Zoom reception with participants beginning approximately 5 minutes after the event has ended. It will be a wonderful opportunity to discuss these many important works, have some fun, and, simply, be connected.
with featured interdisciplinary artist SHEILA GALLAGHER
(note: concert order will be altered)
*CARESS for piano 4-hands and auxiliary percussion (2020)
by Anthony R. Green
New Gallery Concert Series Commission WORLD PREMIERE
Duo A&I
A statement of solidarity with Black trans men and women, as well as an attempt to raise awareness of the alarming rate at which they are murdered, mostly with their cases left ignored and un-investigated.
*PSALMS (selections from 2017-2019)
by Evan Tucker
An extraordinary conglomeration of antiquity and forward thinking, tradition and absurdity, Jewish identity and antisemitism, pop culture and politics, mental illness and disability, the tangible and the spiritual.
*MORNING GLORY from Flower Catalog for solo piano (2020)
by Stephanie Ann Boyd
New Gallery Concert Series Commission WORLD PREMIERE
Sarah Bob, piano
…powerful presence even in short period of bloom time…
*HYMN for cello and toy piano (2020)
by Aaron Trant
New Gallery Concert Series Commission WORLD PREMIERE
Rhonda Rider, cello; Sarah Bob, toy piano
A hymn-like tune that is stretched over time and then compacted, a showing of simplicity within complicated times.
*HOMELAND for solo flute (2017)
by Allison Loggins-Hull
Sarah Brady, flute
What does home mean when the land has been destroyed? What does it mean when there’s been a political disaster, or a human disaster? How does a person feel patriotic when they feel unwelcomed at the same time.
Poetry written and recited by Charles Coe
*EZDEHAM (2019)
by Bahar Royaee
Deniz Khateri, singer; Bahar Royaee, instrumentals & electronics
Feminine perspective of the daily struggles of immigration.
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