Forward Music Project

150904_Allison_03_0103_v1_flat copy_squareI’m excited to be one of the commissioned composers involved in the “Forward Music Project,” a new music and social justice initiative conceived by cellist, Amanda Gookin. From Amanda’s site:

The mission:

I believe the division of social justice and arts is an invisible line. One cannot exist without the other. This program commissions* works by some of today’s most innovative composers. Each unique composition is an expression of: the composer’s personal experiences, an issue they desire to highlight, and the completely open compositional style through which they choose to do so. This program will develop hand-in-hand with organizations that encourage social change for women all over the world through outreach activities that promote empowerment for young women and girls.

AmandaGookinThe FMP goal:

+ To raise awareness of women’s issues.

+ To contribute to the evolving future of Contemporary Classical music.

+ To gain support for non-profit organizations focusing on women’s rights.

+ To support the work of living composers.

+ To discover how we are all connected through art.

+ To demonstrate the many different ways to make an impact.

+ To empower young women and provide them a platform of strength and courage to speak up and speak out.

+ To encourage the current of change.

* These 7 works will be premiered in the Fall 2016 in New York City and subsequently performed in a diverse range of venues from recital halls and clubs to Planned Parenthood offices and public schools around the country.