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SOLOs (with and without electronics)

Chasing Balance for Solo ‘Cello (2022) commissioned by Alisa Weilerstein. Premieres in the 2022/23 season.

Have and Hold for Singing Flutist (2020) commissioned by The Library of Congress. Watch. Buy.

Say Can You for Solo Piccolo and Electronics (2020) commissioned by The National Flute Association. WatchBuy.

Homeland for Solo Flute (2018) commissioned by The Texas Flute Society. WatchBuy.

Stolen for Solo ‘Cello (2016) commissioned by cellist Amanda Gookin. Watch. Buy.

Color Wheels for Alto Flute and Electronics (2016). Watch. Buy.

Pray for Flute and Electronics (2010). Listen. Buy.

Bit of Everything for Flute and Electronics (2010). Listen. Buy.

Stacked, arranged for Solo Flute and Recorded Players (2010). Listen. Buy.

Duos (with and without electronics)

Kalief for clarinet and piano (2021). Commissioned by Willinger Duo. Watch. Buy.

Changes for viola and percussion (2020). Commissioned by duo JalalWatch.

She Is for Flute, Alto Flute and Electronics. Co-written by Nathalie Joachim (2014). Listen.

Flock for 2 Flutes and Electronics. Co-written by Nathalie Joachim (2014). Listen.

Like a Storm for 2 Flutes. Co-written by Nathalie Joachim (2012). Watch. Buy.

Brown Squares for 2 Flutes and Electronics. Co-written by Nathalie Joachim (2010). Listen. Buy.

Run-On for 2 Flutes and Electronics (2010). Listen. Buy.

Stacked, arranged for 2 Flutes and Recorded Players (2010). Listen. Buy.

Chamber Music

7th Ave. S, for flute, oboe, violin, cello, acoustic guitar and electric guitar (2022) Commissioned by Cygnus Ensemble. Premieres October 2022.

Persist, for flute, string quartet, and electronics (2022) Commissioned by ETHEL. Premieres October 2022.

The Pattern, for pierrot ensemble (2020) Commissioned by Ensemble Pi. Watch. Buy.

Hide and Seek, for piccolo, 3 C flutes, 2 alto flutes (2020) Commissioned by The Oklahoma Flute Society. Buy.

Discourse for Flutronix (two flutes + voice), viola, cello, and drumset. Co-written by Nathalie Joachim. (2020).

Hammers for Flute and Percussion Quartet (revised 2018). Watch. Buy.

Flock arranged for 4 Flutes and Alto Flute (2014). Listen. Buy.

Hammers for Flute and Percussion Trio (2012). Buy.

Calling for Two Flutes and Two Trumpets (2011).

Stacked arranged for 5 Flutes (2010). Listen. Buy.

Large Ensembles and Orchestra

Love Always, for large chamber ensemble. Co-created with Toshi Reagon (2020) Commissioned by Alarm Will Sound. Premieres 2022.

Black Being, for two soloists and chamber orchestra. Co-written with Nathalie Joachim (2022) Commissioned by The Arts Club of Chicago and The Cincinnati Symphony. Premiere performance April 2022, by The Cincinnati Symphony.

The Loop, for concert band and electronics (2021) Commissioned by a consortium of ensembles lead by Kaitlin Bove and Pierce College. Premiere performance December 2021, by Eastern Wind Ensemble at Midwest Clinic.

Can You See?, for flute, french horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass and percussion (2021) Commissioned by New Jersey Symphony. Listen. Score available for rental June 2022.

The Inheritors Overture, for chamber orchestra (2020) Commissioned by The Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra. Watch. Buy/Rent.

Mama’s Little Precious Thing for Soprano, Double String Quartet and Bass (2018) Commissioned by The Metropolitan Museum of Art for soprano, Julia Bullock. Featured in “History’s Persistent Voice.”


Flutronix works for 2 Flutes, Electronics, Drums and Lead Vocals. All co-written by Nathalie Joachim:

Type Writer (2014). Listen.

They Ain’t You (2014). Listen.

Everything Begins (2014)

Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics (2014). Watch.