Diametrically Composed

After a few postponements, due to major events like newborns and a global pandemic, my project “Diametrically Composed,” finally premiered! On Friday, September 17th, as part of Bryant park’s Picnic Performances, Alicia Hall Moran, Gabriela Martinez and I took to the stage and performed “Parallel Play,” by Sarah Kirkland Snider, “His Song” by Paola Prestini, “Axé” by Jessica Meyer, and Alicia’s song cycle, “Through the Deep End.” Between pieces, l used a drum machine to trigger sound bites from all of the collaborators and different musical samples from their respective pieces. These sound bites came from interviews Gabriela conducted leading up to the performance. Combing through their audio was one of my favorite parts of putting this show together. They all had so many beautiful things to say about mothering, living life as an artist and powerful messages about the capabilities of women. I feel so incredibly honored to have worked with these women, be trusted with the task of performing their incredible music, and share the message that being a woman with ambition, a demanding career and passion, is not mutually exclusive from being a woman who is also a loving, present, and nurturing mother.

You can watch the entire show below!