Mikiki_PostPicPopular Japanese music review site Mikiki, featured Flutronix in an interview about the duo’s first Japanese album release, 2.0. The story highlights Flutronix’s debut performance in Tokyo, their unique urban art pop style, and also includes videos of the duo’s top cover songs – Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics and Candy Candy by J-Pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. // Read the full story

MercedesMe_MrGlober_PostPicFlutronix were featured guests on Mercedes Me Music Factory, a weekly music show presented by Mercedes Benz and J-Wave 81.3, Tokyo’s most popular FM broadcast station. The duo discussed their latest album release, 2.0, and their first Japanese cover song, Candy Candy. A highlight of the show was a live performance of their take on Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics with the show’s host, Mr. Glober, joining them on guitar!

Listen to the live collaboration:

CosmoPops_AmyOhta_PostPicFlutronix were featured guests on Tokyo FM’s Cosmo Pops Best 10, hosted by Amy Ohta. The program, broadcast weekly throughout Japan, is a pop music countdown program. Flutronix appeared on the shows highly anticipated segment called World Understand, highlighting one international artist that listeners should know more about. The duo discussed their latest album release, 2.0, and gave short live performances of their original song, Type Writer, as well as their first Japanese cover song, Candy Candy.

Listen to the segment:

MetropolisMag_PostPicMetropolis, Japan’s No. 1 English speaking magazine, recently featured Flutronix. The story, which highlights the duo’s latest album release, 2.0, describes Flutronix as an “excellent music adventure“. It goes on to describe the their signature Urban Art Pop sound as have great vocals and beats, as well as “an ethereal, arty flavor that comes from years of dedicated classical music training.” // Read the full story

SymphonyMag_PostPicFlutronix are cover girls for the Summer 2014 issue of Symphony Magazine, the quarterly magazine of the League of American Orchestras. The duo was featured for their performance at Lincoln Center’s David Rubinstein Atrium in support of the launch of WQXR’s successful spring instrument drive. The drive collected donations of instrument from the tri-state that were distributed directly to NYC public school music programs in need. // Read the full story