Spiritland by Toshi Reagon

Toshi Reagon
Blues, Folk, Rock
From Toshi:
This record is dedicated to My Mama Bernice Johnson Reagon and My Grandma Beatrice Wise Johnson. All of the songs on this record represent something I had to have vibrate through my body. A few come from the rhythm of my grandma rocking babies to sleep. My Grandma was strong and loving. Powerful and clear. She had her hands on every child that passed through her way until she left the earth. I know she watches over us in heaven because that is where she intended to go. My Mom is her third child. I am my Moms first. To this day my Mom will sign off on emails and text message saying, “take care of my first born”. She calls me King Toshi, she says she is the Queen Mother. My Mom and I travel the universe of time and space in and out of life and death and sharing multiple planes of existence. She says, “I was her before I was born and when I die, I will still be around”. She is a SuperStar on the earth and she has spent the currency of her life so well and so purposely. The reason she is here is to remind us to vibrate sound through our bodies so that we can know our home within ourselves. We are descendants of people brutalized by slavery and the violence and horror it birthed. We are decedents of musicians, priest, innovators, folks who put  more


released December 21, 2018

Produced by Toshi Reagon

All Vocals and Instruments are by Toshi Reagon except for Allison Miller playing drums on The Sun Will Never Go Down, Round and Round, and Allison Loggins- HUll playing Flute on Jacobs Ladder.

All songs recorded by John Davis and Todd Carder, The Bunker Studio
Brooklyn NY
Except for Let Me Remember by Ken Rich, Grand Street Recording, Brooklyn NY
Let Your Line Shine, I am not sure about that one.

All Songs Mixed by John Davis, The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn NY

Artwork by YK Hong