I’m so honored to have teamed up with musicians Zosha Di Castri, Olivia De Prato, and Alice Teyssier to create “Matricalis.”

Matricalis is a project and community hub that reflects on the impact of motherhood on individual musicians. Through podcast episodes, collaborative pieces, and open discussions, Matricalis seeks to tackle one of the final “taboos” in the professional music world. We hope to openly explore the transformative nature of becoming a mother as an artist, considering both the logistical challenges, as well as the profound ways creativity can change, encouraging us towards new ways of thinking and doing.

Our name comes from the Latin matricalis (/maː.triˈkaː.lis/), meaning “of or pertaining to the womb or matrix” (matre meaning mother). Matricalis is also the root of the musical term madrigal.

We hope this website will serve as a network, a community, a platform, a place for creative connection and artistic exchange, a place where we can talk openly and honestly, and make meaningful changes for the future.

How we met …

The four of us met and connected because we were all working on very similar projects at the same time in 2020 and we felt inspired by each other’s work. It seemed like the perfect time to share experiences and join forces. Currently living in Vienna (Olivia), New York (Zosha and Alice) and New Jersey (Allison) and still unable to meet in person, we connected over Zoom and brainstormed ideas on how to create a larger platform on the topic of motherhood and artistry that can help our community and future generations. By founding Matricalis, we hope to reach out to a wide community of people, share resources, and build a broader support system.

Check out Matricalis for more info!