After 25 years, Hans Zimmer returns to The Lion King with the Re-Collective Orchestra, of which I was co-principal flutist! In a recent article, NPR revisits Zimmer’s Disney origin story, and his collaboration with the legendary Lebo M. (who contributed the iconic vocal and arrangement to the movie’s intro). Zimmer contacted Re-collective Orchestra after seeing the viral orchestral rendition of “All the Stars” from Black Panther, of which I also contributed flute. We recorded The Lion King soundtrack at Sony Studios last April, and it was an experience unlike any other! Stephanie Matthews, concertmaster and co-founder of Re-Collective Orchestra, stated in the article: “It’s really hard to describe the energy in the room, and what happened on that scoring stage, I mean, the representation and the diversity, but also the energy and the camaraderie, and then just using this shared language of music to translate and to transform this already super iconic score. It was just… it’s hard to put into words.”

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So excited to announce that I was the co-principal flutist playing on the new live adaptation of Disney’s The Lion King original motion picture soundtrack! I had the most amazing time in Los Angeles with the Re-Collective Orchestra. It was an incredible opportunity to play new adaptations of old favorites, and is such an honor to be a part of this groundbreaking film. The Lion King comes out in theater’s today!

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Flutronix is excited to announce that on August 13th, they will be releasing a new EP, City of Breath, a collection of four tracks that highlight the duo’s classical flute playing, while staying true to their unique urban art-pop style. City of Breath features several original Flutronix pieces, as well as minimalist composer Steve Reich’s iconic Vermont Counterpoint. The album captures sounds that are cinematic, hypnotic, rhythmic and ethereal. Primarily instrumental, City of Breath is the duo’s way of nodding to the flute community at large and paying tribute to their teachers and the musical innovators who came before them. Joachim was recruited by the Grammy winning Classical ensemble, eighth blackbird, earlier this year and relocated to Chicago while remaining committed to Flutronix.

Their previous long player was 2.0, which was co-produced by Joachim and Loggins-Hull with Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu) of Studio G Brooklyn. One featured track was produced by legendary hip hop producer Ski Beatz. Guest artists include drummer Joe Blaxx and the Melodia Women’s Choir of NYC.

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Listen to the acoustic version of Flock, featured on City of Breath:

Artwork by Natalie Cooperman

TheyAintYou_AttucksSingle_400x250Flutronix is spreading cheer with a new FREE mp3 download! Fans can enjoy a live performance of They Ain’t You, a love song from the duo’s latest album, 2.0. The track, co-produced with legendary hip hop producer Ski Beatz, was recorded at The Attucks Theatre in Norfolk, VA, and features Flutronix with drummer Joe Blaxx. The full live concert mixtape, mixed by Tony Maimone of Studio G Brooklyn, is also available as a free download. // Download They Ain’t You

BrownSquares_AttucksSingle_400x250Flutronix has a new FREE mp3 download available! Fans can now enjoy a live performance of Brown Squares, a favorite from the duo’s debut album. The track, recorded at The Attucks Theatre in Norfolk, VA, in a concert presented by the Virginia Arts Festival, features Flutronix with drummer Joe Blaxx. The full live concert mixtape, mixed by Tony Maimone of Studio G Brooklyn (co-producer of the duo’s latest album, 2.0), is also available as a free download. Extra bonus for flutists: if you like what you hear, you can buy sheet music for Brown Squares and play along! // Download Brown Squares