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I had the incredible privilege of leading what can only be called a “flute army” at this year’s MET Gala performance for headliner, Lizzo. James Galway even made an appearance and let’s just say, it was a real flute-tastic evening. Famed director Baz Luhrmann dreamed up the entire production which you can read about here in Vogue magazine!

So excited to announce that I was the co-principal flutist playing on the new live adaptation of Disney’s The Lion King original motion picture soundtrack! I had the most amazing time in Los Angeles with the Re-Collective Orchestra. It was an incredible opportunity to play new adaptations of old favorites, and is such an honor to be a part of this groundbreaking film. The Lion King comes out in theater’s today!

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Flutronix had a great time chatting with Caity Massoud at the Flute Center of New York for the Flute Unscripted Podcast. They recalled how they first met, and their fond respective memories as faculty at the Juilliard Music Advancement Program. They also discussed Flutronix’s most current project Discourse. As a part of their residency at University of North Carolina, Discourse is a social change initiative aiming to engage communities to create conversation around personal experience. Nathalie says that the project is “about tying people together” and “once you hear someone’s story it makes you see them in a different way.” To which Allison responds that “once you see the human experience behind what someone is talking about, you can actually start to see each other’s point of view.”

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Very excited about this recent feature in I Care If You Listen, 5 Questions to Allison Loggins-Hull. I discuss my new project Love Always, supported by Alarm Will Sound’s newly founded Matt Mark’s Impact Fund: A song cycle, where each song is inspired by a letter written from an adult to a young person they care about. I discuss the origins of this project, inspired after reading Ta-Nehisi Coates‘ “Between the World and Me,” and it’s parallel to conversations I had to have with my son in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s shooting. We also discussed my other projects, Diametrically Composed and Flutronix’s Carolina Performing Arts recent commission, Discourse.

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