Allison Loggins-Hull, flutist and composer

It was a wonderful day, traveling up to my alma mater, Purchase College, and presenting a recital and entrepreneurial musicianship talk. To be able to come back to a place where I spent formative years and blossomed as a young artist, was very special to me. It’s funny how years can go by, your life can drastically change, the world goes through major shifts, and you can return to a place feeling like you’ve never left.

Allison Loggins-Hull
Performing in the recital hall

Coming directly from a morning photo-shoot, I immediately switched gears and started off my visit with a short recital of original pieces. On the program was Bit of Everything, Pray, Ambitious and Stacked. While a student at Purchase, I never performed a composition of my own. In fact, I had hardly even composed anything while an undergraduate. So to be back in the recital hall, (where 10+ years ago I performed works by usual suspects like Prokofiev, Telemann, Bach, Piazolla…), and playing my own pieces was an exciting and other-worldly experience.

Allison Loggins-Hull Tara Helen O'Connor
with the flute studio of Dr. Tara Helen O’Connor

After performing, I sat down with the flute students of Dr. Tara Helen O’Connor and discussed various topics of entrepreneurial musicianship. I shared my own story and gave pointers on areas of marketing, networking, programming and more. The students were so receptive to the information and helped create an environment for open discussion, the sharing of ideas and even some role playing. It was such a rewarding feeling to have this opportunity with the same studio I came from. It truly felt full-circle and harmonious.

I want to give an extra special thanks to Dr. Tara Helen O’Connor, for bringing me back and believing in me after all these years. Thank you to Purchase College students for having me, it was a joy to chat with and get to know you all.

150904_Allison_03_0103_v1_flat copy_squareI’m excited to be one of the commissioned composers involved in the “Forward Music Project,” a new music and social justice initiative conceived by cellist, Amanda Gookin. From Amanda’s site:

The mission:

I believe the division of social justice and arts is an invisible line. One cannot exist without the other. This program commissions* works by some of today’s most innovative composers. Each unique composition is an expression of: the composer’s personal experiences, an issue they desire to highlight, and the completely open compositional style through which they choose to do so. This program will develop hand-in-hand with organizations that encourage social change for women all over the world through outreach activities that promote empowerment for young women and girls.

AmandaGookinThe FMP goal:

+ To raise awareness of women’s issues.

+ To contribute to the evolving future of Contemporary Classical music.

+ To gain support for non-profit organizations focusing on women’s rights.

+ To support the work of living composers.

+ To discover how we are all connected through art.

+ To demonstrate the many different ways to make an impact.

+ To empower young women and provide them a platform of strength and courage to speak up and speak out.

+ To encourage the current of change.

* These 7 works will be premiered in the Fall 2016 in New York City and subsequently performed in a diverse range of venues from recital halls and clubs to Planned Parenthood offices and public schools around the country.

WRS_LPRdrkred_1I’m pumped to perform an original solo piece, “Ambitious,” and join this exciting line-up of amazing, women artists at Le Poisson Rouge on September 19.


Produced by Toshi Reagon and hosted by Karen Williams.

Featuring – Nona Hendryx, Tamar-kali, Arooj Aftab, Gina Breedlove, Imani Uzuri, Joan As Police Woman, KimberlyNicole, Martha Redbone, Toshi Reagon Band of Angels featuring Allison Miller, Alex Nolan, Juliette Jones, Lyris Hung, Christelle Durandy, Ganessa James, Rachel Eckroth + more …

Word*Rock*&Sword is back at Le Poisson Rouge! This show promises to be a 3 hour celebration- you will sing, you will dance, you will hear something that moves your soul. A continuous arch of genius from beginning to end.

For more information on the festival:
Word*Rock*&Sword official site
Word*Rock*&Sword on Twitter

$15 student ticket available with valid student id

This is a general admission, standing event.

CarlFischerCoverFlutronix is thrilled to team up with Carl Fischer Music for the published sheet music release of Flock, the duo’s piece for four flutes and alto flute. Flutists can now buy the sheet music through the Carl Fischer Music website!

Flock is featured on Flutronix’s upcoming EP, City of Breath, which will be released on August 13th – opening day of this year’s National Flute Association Convention! In celebration of their partnership, Carl Fischer Music will host two exclusive meet & greet events with Flutronix at the NFA Convention (exhibit hall booths 204 and 206) on Friday, August 14 at 12:30-1:30pm and 4:00-5:00pm. Fans will receive special deals on sheet music, CDs and more!CarlFischerLogo

> Buy the sheet music for Flock

> Visit Flutronix & Carl Fischer Music at NFA


Flutronix is excited to announce that on August 13th, they will be releasing a new EP, City of Breath, a collection of four tracks that highlight the duo’s classical flute playing, while staying true to their unique urban art-pop style. City of Breath features several original Flutronix pieces, as well as minimalist composer Steve Reich’s iconic Vermont Counterpoint. The album captures sounds that are cinematic, hypnotic, rhythmic and ethereal. Primarily instrumental, City of Breath is the duo’s way of nodding to the flute community at large and paying tribute to their teachers and the musical innovators who came before them. Joachim was recruited by the Grammy winning Classical ensemble, eighth blackbird, earlier this year and relocated to Chicago while remaining committed to Flutronix.

Their previous long player was 2.0, which was co-produced by Joachim and Loggins-Hull with Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu) of Studio G Brooklyn. One featured track was produced by legendary hip hop producer Ski Beatz. Guest artists include drummer Joe Blaxx and the Melodia Women’s Choir of NYC.

Download City of Breath on iTunes of Amazon

Listen to the acoustic version of Flock, featured on City of Breath:

Artwork by Natalie Cooperman